Hi there! We’re computer programmers, consultants and designers who were employed at Apple Computer during it’s early days. We left Apple during the mass exodus when times were tough and no one knew if the company would be able to survive or not, AKA before Steve Jobs returned. We still live in the Silicon Valley and look back fondly at our time at Apple. Finding that we are not alone in our nostalgia, we decided to create this website to showcase our “vintage Apple collection” of Apple memorabilia and Apple gifts.

Growing up on the East coast, where everything was well established, then coming to California and becoming part of such a young start-up company was quite an experience. Not knowing the statistics, we felt like 90% of the company were aged 20 something. Nothing shocking today, but something very different back in 1980.

We made many lasting friendships during our time at Apple and would love to hear comments from any readers who might have something to add.

Please join now us on a trip down memory lane….