The Apple iPod… a tiny new wheel that drove a whole new path into a whole new decade.

iPod Original

iPod Original

Suddenly, the power begins to switch from the desktop to the hand. Without the invention of the iPod, there would be no iTunes store and possibly a collapse of the music industry. In 2001, prior to the iPod, online music sharing (or stealing music, depending on who you talked to) had gone from a techie hobby to something that most everyone was figuring out how to do or knew someone who did. The iPod was introduced on October 23rd, 2001, just three months after Napster (the mainstream music pirating company) was shut down. On April 28th, 2003 the iTunes Music Store was launched online and within a week sold one million songs. In just 5 years the iTunes store became the # 1 music retailer in the United States!

Surely everyone has seen the iPod ad campaign by Chiat Day Advertising Agency either in print or on a huge billboard. It was launched in September of 2003 and was so simple to look at, yet so powerful and unique in it’s message. Debatably true of the all ads that came from the Apple/Chiat partnership, they were controversial at the very least.

Apple was always keen on the competition and quite sure that someone would try and put the iPod under. They vigorously kept improving and enhancing the original iPod. There soon was an iPod Photo, iPod Touch, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and an iPod Video.

The iPod Photo was a place to store thousands of digital photos and then show them to all your friends wherever you go.

iPod Nano
The iPod Nano, so tiny that you could wear it on an armband while running and not even feel the weight.
There were actually 18 new generations of iPods in just 8 years! Each new generation was lighter, sleeker, and more intelligent than the prior model. In the 10+ years that the iPod has been alive, no competitor has surpassed them. A few have tried, but surprisingly even to Apple, no one has succeeded. Even Microsoft discontinued their efforts on the Zune media player after four years, since most people never heard of it anyways.