Compact Macintosh

Compact Mac

The Compact Macintosh Series was a line of 10 different computers .
There was the Compact Mac 128K machine.

The 512K Compact Mac with four times the memory of the original compact mac. This was a powerful business computer.

Then came the 512Ke, which is the Compact Mac 512 with enhancements (e).

Then the Compact Mac Plus with 1MB memory. It’s codename was “Mr. T” and it did prove tough as it later became the longest selling Mac ever. It was sold from January 1986 until October of 1990. That’s 5 years! It sold for $2600.

The Mac SE came next which began under the codename of “Aladdin”. It contained the following firsts for a personal computer: a cooling fan, an internal hard drive, a keyboard jack and an expansion slot. It sported a gray color and sold for $3700.

The Mac SE/30 followed in January 1989 until October of 1991 and began under the name “Green Jade”.

The Mac Classic came next in an attempt to lower the price of the personal computer. It was slower and of less quality than it’s predecessors. Codenamed “XO”.

The Color Classic was then introduced for $1390 and sold from Jan ’93 until Apr ’94. The screen of the color classic contained 256 colors and the logic board was easily accessible.

The Classic II, which began as “Montana”, ran from Oct ’91 through Sep “93 with a price tag of $1900. It was again slower and cheaper.

The Color Classic II was introduced in October of 1993 but was sold only in Canada and the Far East.